Sunroof Recall: Hollandia 700 and Hollandia 900

Determining If You're Affected: The most recognizable components of the sunroofs affected are the switches and presence of a Webasto logo on the sunshade handle. Below, we have provided documentation so you can identify whether your sunroof is included in the recall. All affected sunroofs will have one of the following switches and have a Webasto logo on the sunshade handle.

Background Information


Your vehicle manufacturer and local car dealership are not administering this recall. Please do not contact them. Only the sunroof manufacturer can help you get your sunroof repaired.

A possible defect that relates to motor vehicle safety may exist in vehicles equipped with certain Hollandia 700 ("700") aftermarket (non-factory installed) sunroofs manufactured from 2002-2009 and all Hollandia 900 ("900") series aftermarket sunroofs. These sunroofs are involved in a voluntary recall. In rare instances, conditions existing with the adhesive bond between the glass and metal frame in these affected Hollandia 700 and Hollandia 900 series aftermarket (non-factory installed) sunroofs can increase the risk that the sunroof glass panel may completely debond from its frame. Completely debonded sunroof glass panel can detach from the vehicle while driving.

Complete glass-to-frame debonding can develop gradually and may be evidenced by metal corrosion around the sunroof frame, wind noise, vibration, visual bond separation and/or water leakage. These conditions may be observable for several months before complete glass-to-frame adhesion debonding can ultimately occur.

Webasto is leading this voluntary recall to ensure that proper measures are taken to fix the issue. As a family-owned company, Webasto takes safety seriously and is committed to helping you keep your family and community safe.

Learn how to determine whether your sunroof is involved in the recall.